Core Skills

  • Software development management
    • Planning, scheduling, budget management.
    • Leadership of development teams: analysts, programmers, testers, technical writers, …
  • Product management
    • Collecting requirements, negotiations, cost assessment, statement of work compilation.
    • Strategic planning together with marketing and sales teams.
    • Backlog management.
  • Public relations
    • Conferences, exhibitions, seminars, webinars in both Russian and English.
  • “Playing coach”
    • Architecture development, selecting stack of technologies, writing specs.
    • Coding, code review, refactoring, DevOps,…


VP of Software Development

2010 - present
DATADVANCE (France, Russia)

Management of pSeven product line:

  • pSeven Core: math library for data analysis and optimization.
  • pSeven: desktop app for process integration and design optimization.
  • pSeven Enterprise: collaborative web platform for process integration and design optimization.

Performed research, developed architecture, assembled a team and established the whole software development process. Products have been built from scratch to a high level of maturity (TRL6 according to AIRBUS certification) and trusted by many international companies: AIRBUS, DECATHLON, HALLIBURTON, Orano, Skoltech, Mubea, Total, Thales, WINDnovation, Mvoid, SULZER, FDTech, Covestro, LEONI, …

Team: 20+ people.

Tech stack: Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, C++, GraphQL, REST, WebSockets, Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, Django, AsyncIO, Qt, Traefik, Linux & Windows.

Senior software engineer

2008 - 2010
Search subdivision at Mail.Ru (Russia)

I have developed a high-load spellchecker service to fix typos in the search requests. (It was the best such service in 2010, according to ANALYZETHIS.RU). Developed desktop app for the local search «Button Mail.Ru».

Tech stack: C++, Python, GCC/GDB/Valgrind, MSVC, MFC, Subversion, BSD, Linux & Windows.

Team lead

2005 - 2008
Golden Gate Technology (USA, Russia)

Development of the product for chip power consumption optimization (EDA industry). The leadership of 10 people software development team. I successfully refactored the ancient codebase (1.5 million lines of C++ code) and adapted the architecture to emerged requirements.

Tech stack: C++, GCC/GDB/Valgrind, STL, Boost, POSIX Threads, Qt, TCL, CVS, Subversion, Linux.

Software engineer

2004 - 2005
Siemens VDO Automotive (Germany, Russia)

Development of a calibration system for ICE control programs “Calibry”.

Tech stack: C++, GUI, MATLAB/Simulink, Windows.

Software engineer

2002 — 2005
JSCC RAS, NoRF (Russia)

I developed (patent author) a technology for combining video broadcasting with the 3D environment. I created software for the 3D visualization of scientific calculations results.

Tech stack: Delphi, C++, STL, Boost, C#, Java, DirectX, DirectShow, OpenGL, Windows.

Open-source projects

DjangoChannelsGraphqlWs - Django Channels based WebSocket GraphQL server with Graphene-like subscriptions.
DATADVANCE projects - Other open-source projects published by DATADVANCE.